is a company which specializes in semiconductor photolithography optimization and troubleshooting by paid coaching and consulting.  We can help with any lithography issue including defect, exposure tool and coater track issues.

We have years of fab experience which includes technologies such as g-h-i-line, Krf, Arf, EUV, E-beam, registration and defect investigations. Our services can be obtained by a PO from any semiconductor company. You can contact us by calling 971-409-7199 or use our contact form. We strive to return your call or email as soon as possible.  Our normal response time is within 1 hour. We are also much less expensive than hiring a new Engineer.  We can provide onsite Engineering service while you look and interview candidates.

Dave White; I have 20 years as a Lithography Engineer. Fujitsu then TOK Photoresist. Now Consulting for I have worked on all areas of lithography. Including ASML EUV. I have co-authored a SPIE poster paper on ArF double patterning with Dr. Tom Wallow in 2007. I am interested in helping any semiconductor company with their litho needs whether g-line or advanced litho. I have worked inside the following companies cleanrooms. Seagate hard drive head and media sites, Cypress, HGST, Polar Semi, Western Digital, Linear Tech, Texas Instruments, Intel, Freescale, SVTC, Microchip, Spansion, and Maxim.

500nm iso line Krf 3um thick

500nm iso line Krf 3um thick


ACT-8 configuration screen

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