g-line 436nm wavelength

G-line is not chemically amplified.  It relies on a photo activated compound to change into an acid and then small diffusion in the post exposure bake (PEB) step, However a PEB may not be necessary if standing waves are not an issue.  Sometimes dyed resist is used to eliminate standing waves.  Dye added to the resist weakens the etch resistance slightly and increases the Ecd.  Thereby lowering the tool throughput.

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  • Photoresist coating optimization
  • Photoresist changing and process characterization
  • Photoresist use reduction (RRC)
  • HMDS use optimization
  • Critical Dimension Uniformity (CDU) optimization.  CDU should typically be less than 1% of feature size 1 sigma.
  • Developer use for CD control
  • Scanner to track throughput matching
  • Defect investigations