KrF 248 nm wavelength

KrF is a chemically amplified resist which is best exposed at 248nm wavelength using binary or phase shifted reticles. KrF with a high NA can achieve iso lines of 90nm but typically KrF is used at 160nm and higher for L/S and C/H.  Typically a PAG is diffused by a Post Expose Bake (PEB) to determine the profile of the developed pattern.  We can help with any photoresist, developer, hmds, and tool or procedure optimization for KrF processing.  We can also help a transition from i-line to KrF.

Choose us at for any of the following and more:

  • Photoresist coating optimization
  • Photoresist changing and process characterization
  • Photoresist use reduction (RRC)
  • HMDS use optimization
  • Critical Dimension Uniformity (CDU) optimization.  CDU should typically be less than 1% of feature size 1 sigma.
  • Developer use for CD control
  • Scanner to track throughput matching
  • Defect investigations