Customer Testimonials

  • Sumir (Senior Process Engineer):
    I had the opportunity to utilize Dave’s assistance on a new
    photochemical for a specific application. Dave was able to
    recommend a plan of action and share his experience on the
    chemical, this helped significantly with implementing it in
    production and with shortening the qualification required.

Daniel (Senior Project Engineer):

  • Dave provided consistent support for our photoresist conversion
    project starting. Dave’s ability to draw on his
    experience and willingness to work with us in the wafer fab
    were valuable to help keep this project moving. Dave has a
    good understanding of photolithography processing and was
    a strong resource for detailed information about the photoresists
    and the details of photoresist processing.

Jenny (Process Development Engineer):

  • I worked with Dave on resist evaluation. He has demonstrated
    an incredible customer service, very friendly and easy to
    work with. His strong dedication on product supports is excellent.
    He is very fast responding to any inquiries, questions
    or issues, no matter day or night, followed up all the way to
    make sure the inquiries or issues have been met or resolved.
    He was always willing to put more time outside than his normal
    work schedule when he visited our factory to help expediting
    the resist evaluation process. More important his
    strong knowledge in photolithography process, resist materials
    and experience have been found extremely helpful for
    me in trouble shooting, providing very effective feedback to
    resolve any issues that we encountered. I strongly believe
    that Dave would be a great asset for any organization.